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Android: Turning On Media Device MTP

This article details how to adjust permission for the Android inventory scanner device to connect to the computer.  Enable this option...
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Using Android SooPOS Count App

Please read Inventory Count Guide and Android Scanner Guide first. Before you start using the scanner, you should upload SKU List to...
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Loading Count List From Scanner

This article provides information about how to upload your scanned inventory list from your Android inventory scanner to SooPOS.  In...
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Datalogic Factory Setup Guide

If your Datalogic DL-Axist inventory scanner gets reset back to manufacturer’s settings or is a brand new device out of...
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Setting Up Weigh Scale

  1. To Setup your Weigh Scale, first place it near the computer that is running the POS software.       Step...
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Android Inventory Count Scanner Guides

This article contains information about using android inventory scanner with SooPOS. You can use a professional device like Datalogic DL-AXIST, or any...
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