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Please read Inventory Count Guide and Android Scanner Guide first.

Before you start using the scanner, you should upload SKU List to the scanner.

To use the Android inventory count app, navigate to the apps’ icon at bottom of android home screen to find the installed applications on the device.



Navigate to the SooPOS Count application and tap on it to run it.  If you cannot find SooPOS Count app, then you may need to install it first.


The SooPOS Count app has the following features.

1)  Manually type or scan the barcode into the field.

2)  If you manually typed an item code you click this button to confirm accepting the code.

3)  This button will open the camera so you can capture the barcode with the Android cell phone camera instead of the laser scanner.  This option doesn’t scan as fast and may be affected be lighting and resolution. An Android handheld inventory scanner is recommended. A money saver solution is to use a Bluetooth barcode scanner connect to your Android phone.

4)  Keyboard provided for manual code entry.


After you have successfully scanned an item code it will display the item with the options shown below.

5)  Information about the scanned item will be displayed here.

6)  The current quantity of the scanned item will be displayed here.

7)  Adjust these buttons to increase or decrease the quantity of the item scanned.

8)  Tap this button to remove the scanned item from the list.


When multiple items are scanned into the list you can scroll through them by swiping up or down the list.  Tap on one of the entries recorded to adjust the quantity of that item in the list or to remove it from the list with the control features mentioned above.


Once you have done scanning, the scan list file (ScanList.txt) will be automatically created in the root folder of the scanner internal storage. It’s a comma delimited CSV file which contains Sku(or barcode or UPC), Quantity. It looks like this:


You can now load counted list to SooPOS.


If you’d like to separate the counted list to a smaller list, you can use Export function. This will create ScanList files named in a sequence number in the root folder of the scanner internal storage. You can then load the files to SooPOS. The scan list on the screen will be cleared after exporting.

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