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Plug in the scanner device to the computer with an USB cable, unlock the device. If you do not see the device as a connected media in Windows explorer, Enable Media Device MTP option.

If you receive the following error message like this:

This message occurs when there is a conflict with the portable devices listed in Windows. To help correct this issue you can open the device manager and remove all other devices aside from the Android scanner.

You should have better success when attempting to upload the file after uninstalling these listed devices.


If you are unable to access the Datalogic DL-AXIST Device on the computer when connected to the computer then you may need to restore it to the Manufacturer settings.  Be sure to test different USB ports, restart the device and try a different USB connection cable before pursuing this option.

Navigate to the Settings on the Datalogic scanner.


Swipe your finger up or down to scroll through the settings options available.  Select the “Backup & reset” option once displayed.


Choose the option for “Enterprise reset” to return the device to the manufacturer’s default state.  Make sure you DO NOT choose the option for “Factory data reset” as this will erase needed tools on the device that were installed by the manufacturer.

//NOTE: This will erase all files including scanned inventory lists from the scanner****


Once the device has completed the reset you can test accessing file content on the scanner from the computer that it is connected to.

Additional Considerations (After Reset)

Enable Scanning Suffix

This setting will enable a new line entry after every scan so you do not have to prompt the item confirmation for each code scanned.

Navigate to Settings. Then navigate to Scanner Settings.


Select the menu option for “Formatting”.


Select the option “[LF]” for Label Suffix.


See the article for Adjusting Scanner Settings to enable other settings needed for successful scan results.

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