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V19.07.26 Added tax by county and city combination auto tax rate calculation

V19.07.10 Added Tyro payment integration for Australia merchants

V19.06.01 Added OpenEdge (Global Payments) integration for USA and Canada merchants

V19.05.08 Added PC-EFTPOS payment integration for Australia merchants

V19.04.21 Added Global Payments integration for Canada merchants

V19.03.24 Added ShipStation and Shippo integration

V19.03.11 Added SmartPay payment integration for Australia & New Zealand merchants

V19.03.10 Added kiosk mode (customer self check out)

V19.02.28 Added “Design Custom On Order Report” for sending purchase orders to vendor

V19.02.16 Added “Design Custom Invoice”

V19.02.01 Added auto print label function when scanning items to purchase order receiving

V19.01.18 Added historical inventory count lookup

V19.01.12 Added “Less Details” simplified payment window


V18.12.18 Added bulk edit list cost

V18.11.16 Added Shopify product cost integration

V18.10.16 Added image icon to SKU list

V18.09.11 Added available quantity for BUNDLE and ASSEMBLED products, based on the availability of sub-items

V18.08.27 Allow to add SPECIALSKU or AUTOSKU to existing work order and add new auto created SKU to special order

V18.07.22 Added the filter on special orders list to exclude non-manage inventory items and in-stock items

V18.07.09 Added auto send the transfer request to other stores if no stock in web store or warehouse

V18.07.01 Added “In Stock Only” filter on POS product image list screen

V18.06.13 Increased cloud database data sync speed

V18.06.02 Migrated to Shopify multi-location inventory API to manage inventory levels across multiple locations

V18.05.01 First Release.

** The version number is the actual date in YY.MM.DD format **

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