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To access the recall transaction window, from the POS/sale window, select the Transactions button, or press F3.



The window will display a list of transactions, sorted according to the options at the top of the screen.

The transactions list can be sorted by Current Customer only (all transactions from the currently selected customer), Outstanding (all transactions with outstanding payments), Transaction Date (use the drop down menu to select a specific date), or Transaction # (enter a number into the empty field). You can then refine your search further by using the Type drop-down menu to select a specific type of transaction only (invoice, special order, gift registry, etc). You can also select whether to include transactions from all stores or limit them to the active store. Make sure to use the refresh button each time you change your options.


Function buttons:

more.JPG Opens a drop down menu giving you access to various further options shown below:


view_reprint_transaction_button.jpg Allows you to view and reprint a previous transaction invoice. (Reprinting Transactions)

receive_payment_button.png Receive outstanding payments (layaway, A/R, special orders, etc). (Receiving Outstanding Payments)

Credit_Card_Auth_Form_button.png Print out a credit card authorization form for the selected transaction (Credit Card Authorization Forms)

recall_transaction_button_2.png Recall a previous transaction back into the transaction window, at which point it can be edited or fully paid off (see link under Receive Payment section). The advanced functions may look different.

copy_from_transaction_button.png Inserts a copy of a previous transaction into a new sale.

void_transaction_button.png Void a transaction. (Voiding Transactions)

return_items.png Process a sales return. (Sales Returns)


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