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Here are some acronyms that can be encountered in SooPOS as well as their translated values.

ADJ: The history of total Manual Quantity Adjustment for the SKU.

COMIT: The Committed quantity from Layaway or Received Special Order transactions associated with a SKU.

SKU: The specific SKU (stock keeping unit) value selected.  Unique value of products that cannot be duplicates and is alphanumeric.

In-Store Location: The quantity of the item in a specified in-store location.

IT: The Income Transfer quantity pending to be received from another store location.

Lookups: UPC code or other codes used to redirect to the Sku.

Max: Maximum quantity of a SKU for automatic re-order points.

Min: Minimum quantity of a SKU for automatic re-order points.

OT: The Outgoing Transfer Quantity pending to be received by another store location from the current location.

Product Number: The product number associated with a SKU is traditionally referenced as the Vendor’s SKU code for the product.

QOH: Quantity on Hand, the amount of this item in your current inventory.

QOO: The Quantity On Order of a SKU in a purchase order.

QTBP: The Quantity To Be Posted of a SKU in a purchase order.

QTYAVL: Quantity Available is a special quantity field that combines various other quantities together.

RECV: The Quantity of a SKU received through purchase orders

SO: The quantity of the item that is on Special Order.

SOLD: The quantity of a SKU sold from transaction history.

Vendor: The vendor of a SKU is the business you order the product from for restocking.

TRAN: The Quantity of a SKU transferred successfully in history.

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