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Editing a Layaway Transaction

After you created a layaway, you may need to modify and make changes to an existing layaway transaction. 1. To...
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Looking up a SKU

To look-up a Sku after you have logged into your POS screen:   Option 1: Type any keyword (Sku, description,...
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Voiding Transactions

To void a transaction, you use the Recall Transaction function. Access the POS screen, then select the customer whose transaction you...
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Setting up BuyBack Mode

BuyBack Mode will enable you to return a SKU previously purchased by simply ticking off one option at the POS...
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Changing Shipping Addresses

Once you selected the customer, you can change a customer’s shipping address during a transaction.   This brings up the...
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Processing Payments

1. Within the top part of the window, you will view the Balance Owing and the AR Available balance. You will...
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Quick Launch Button Options

Quick Launch Button Options You can create quick launch buttons to automate many different functions (see: Creating Quick Launch Buttons)....
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Parking a Transaction

Parked transactions put a transaction on hold while a customer leaves, with the intention of return the same day. Parked...
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Payment Quick Launch Buttons

To create a Quick Launch Panel for different payment types, import the label file here into a new Tab in the...
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Refilling a Gift Card

Money can be added to an already issued Gift Card from the Gift Card / Certificate screen. To access this...
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